Cfa level 1 mock exam pdf download , exam date

This practice is a very suitable and useful way of taking an online Cfa level 1 mock exam before the actual exam day. Online mock tests help you in the following ways:

Practice of Exam Interface: These mock exams help to understand the setup and interface of the Cfa level 1 mock exam and real exam. This will help you know how to navigate during the exam, what is the format of the question paper, and understand the use of the answer paper.

Cfa level 1 mock exam

Cfa level 1 mock exam Details

Practice and Develop Speed: Mock tests help you understand the pattern and time limit of the CFA exam. You will develop the ability to answer fast and accurately through regular practice.

Identification of weak areas: Mock exams help you to identify your weak areas. With this, you can work on the issues in your preparation and improve them so that you can improve your performance in the real exam.

In-Depth Study of Questions: After taking mock exams, you can study your questions in-depth, which will give you more experience with different types of questions and improve your preparation.

Develop Autonomy: Mock exams boost your confidence and make you more independent on the day of the real exam. When you feel that you are fully prepared for the exam, you gain confidence

cfa mock exams level 1 Mock Exam Options:

  • Mock Exams 1-4: Four unique sets of questions with three attempts allowed per exam.
  • Mock Exams 1-6: Six unique sets of questions with three attempts allowed per exam.
  • Mock Exams 5 & 6: Two unique sets of questions with three attempts allowed per exam.

These mock exams provide you with a range of practice opportunities, allowing you to familiarize yourself with different question sets and improve your performance.

CFA mock exams level 1 exam sim details

Therefore, taking online mock tests can be a very important and effective way to prepare for the CFA exam. Through this, you can develop your performance potential and get success in the examination.

Three Modes: This mock test is available in three modes. The first mode is “Exam Sim,” in which you get a chance to practice taking the exam using the interface of the actual CFA exam. The second mode is “Online”, in which students can practice taking the exam using the standard Kaplan Schweizer online interface. The third mode is “CFA Institute Time Limit”, in which each exam is 4 hours 30 minutes long, consisting of two sessions of 2 hours 15 minutes each.

CFA Institute’s Subject Weight and Exam Pattern: The mock test simulates the subject load and exam pattern of the CFA exam. With this, you can understand the pattern of the actual exam and adjust your preparation accordingly.

Online Answer Explanation: During the mock test, you get an instant answer explanation. With this, you can review your performance and improve your preparation.

Candidates Comparison & Scoring: In this mock test you get an opportunity to compare yourself with other candidates. You can see how you are performing in your subject area and check your score.

In-Depth Study of Questions: After the exam, you can go through the in-depth study of mock exam questions. This gives you more knowledge about the different genres and subject areas of the question.

Key features of Exam Sim include mock exams cfa level 1

Real Exam Interface: You will experience the same user interface and navigation as in the actual exam, helping you get accustomed to the look and feel of the test environment.

Time Limit: Exam Sim follows the same time limit and scheduled breaks used in the official exam. However, you do not need to strictly adhere to these limitations during practice. It serves as a guideline for simulating a realistic exam experience.

Answering Capability: You can answer questions, skip them, flag them for review, and use filters, just like you would on the actual exam. Practicing this functionality enhances your time management skills for completing the exam within the allocated time.

Level I CFA Exam Structure

Cfa level 1 mock exam difficulty

The difficulty of the exam is determined by solving the questions in the given time, for which you have to give about 90 seconds per question, taking more time depends on your understanding of the question. To solve each multiple-choice question, you have about 90 seconds should be enough. 

How to Study for the CFA Level I Exam

Here are some resources that candidates find most helpful for their CFA exam preparation:

  • CFA Program Curriculum: The official curriculum provided by CFA Institute covers all study materials and learning objectives for the exam.
  • CFA Institute Learning Ecosystem (LES): This platform offers a comprehensive learning experience with interactive study materials, practice questions, and personalized study plans.
  • CFA Institute Online Mock Exams: Official mock exams from CFA Institute provide candidates with a realistic exam simulation and an opportunity to assess their performance.
  • CFA Program Approved Prep Providers: These are third-party providers that offer study materials, courses, and mock exams designed to complement the official curriculum.
  • CFA Program Curriculum End-of-Reading Practice Problems: These practice problems, included in the official curriculum, help reinforce the understanding of key concepts after completing each study session.
  • Study Groups: Collaborating with fellow candidates in study groups allows for discussions, knowledge sharing, and mutual support during the preparation process.
  • CFA Program Practice Pack (available May 2023, additional purchase required): An optional resource that offers additional practice questions to further strengthen candidates’ knowledge and skills.

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What Topics Are on the CFA Level I Exam?

cfa level 1 exam topic weights

SessionFunctional Aera Topic of exam % of Question
1.Ethical and Professional Standards
Ethical and Professional Standards

Quantitative Methods


Financial Statement Analysis

2.Portfolio Management and Analysis
Corporate Issuers

Portfolio Management

Equity Investments

Fixed Income


Cfa Eaxam Dates 2023-2024

Cfa level 1 mock exam

What are the dates for CFA Level 1 exam?

Exam dates details are gievn in the article .

Which is the hardest CFA level?

 Level 3 CFA Exam the most difficult because of the time.

Is the CFA charter a degree?

no its no a degree .

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